Exsilio Solutions

A good brand defines the identity of a company, conveys its culture, and sets it apart from the competition. Across all of the our branding assets Exsilio stays consistent in its message and has designed a cohesive set of assets that speak to its identity of a mid-size organization. We are proud to showcase the look and feel of a traditional corporation alongside a young and energetic fun side. Orange has become the key color in the Exsilio brand; similar to the Exsilio culture it expresses a sense of energy and cheerfulness.

The Exsilio brand has touched features across a variety of assets such as our very own Softball Team team jersey, T-shirts, label design, product posters, Fantasy Football banners, and Videos videos (for the Exsilio Holiday Charity promotion & Sound Booth Build). Stay tuned for more exciting Exsilio assets to come!

Services Delivered

beer label design
print apparel
print poster
web banner

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