Cloud Services

Exsilio’s cloud services have delivered our customers a higher level of quality and availability for over 5 years. Partnering with us will free you from managing servers, and give your users’ access to multiple experiences from a single workstation anywhere, anytime.

Our offerings

Virtual Training

Virtualization solutions from Exsilio provide a cost-effective scalable answer to the challenges of sharing content world-wide.


Virtual platforms allow your clients, customers and employees to login from any machine and access your content, without needing to download any software. Virtual training solutions are especially efficient, because you can gain access on nearly any device, anytime, and anywhere.


For global organizations with employees across multiple time zones, Exsilio’s Virtual Classroom services ensure that each employee has on-demand access to required training. Progress and results tracking provides maximum visibility into training cycles, and makes sure your workforce is continuously compliant and up-to-date.

Online Demos & Labs

Exsilio’s online lab solutions have been utilized continuously by clients to host, design, and deliver content in customized online lab environments.


Whether your customers want to purchase software or learn more about how an application can benefit their company, an online lab is the perfect environment for them to test features and learn about a product before making the decision to purchase.


First-person and hands-on demonstrations of software products or tools are a great way of providing hands-on immersion training. These types of demonstrations provide a unique point-of-view and are more memorable than simple video or text demos.

In-Person Events

Virtual labs and demos provide an engaging and hands-on experience for audiences at trade shows, conferences, and other events.


The customizable virtual lab experience is perfect for showing potential and current customers how your technology works, through a reliable on-demand platform. Accessing your virtual environment is easy and doesn’t require software installation or technical support.


Customers who have experienced the benefits of your product are your best advocates. Providing hands-on experience to showcase the value of your product will increase word-of-mouth advertising.

Development & Test Environments

Custom application development and testing environments allow access for selected users to build and test inside applications — all on a virtual, globally-accessible server.


Exsilio’s foundation is built on virtualization platforms supported by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable developers in the field. When your content needs to be accessible to anyone, anywhere, or anytime, hosting it on a custom virtual platform guarantees a successful delivery.


Our custom testing and development environments allow your developers, QA experts and support teams access to create and modify software in each stage of development. We make sure all required testing has been completed and your product can be released with confidence.