Quarterly Update Q3 2014
Keeping our valued clients, partners, and affiliates in the know.
Anthony Tsim
Katheryn Baker
Exsilio starts construction of the new Redmond facility
Sharon Lee
Marketing & Management

We are excited to announce construction has started on our new office in Redmond, Washington. The new office will be home to Exsilio Redmond and will also include a co-working/share workspace available for rent. We are excited to offer plenty of work spaces, meeting rooms, lounge areas, a modern kitchen, and big screens for presentations.

The uniqueness of a co-working/share workspace encourages networking for like-minded professionals. Small organizations or startups can call this new office home. The large office space will be dedicated to conferences, industry and local networking events. If you are interested in learning more about the co-working spaces or renting a desk, please contact

In addition to that, Exsilio employees will have access to the company gym with a shower facility (another great reason to work here! Want to join the team? Visit our Careers page.

Best Practices for Social Media Engagement

The reach of Social Media is broad with audiences in different age groups, gender, and interests. Real time updates often have a huge impact as it can go viral within a short amount of time without the option to reverse any mistakes. Though this is a great channel to reach a wide audience we, as marketers, need to be very cautious when posting social media updates on behalf of an organization.


Sharon Lee
Marketing & Management
A Weekend of Mammoth Proportions

Being fairly new to Exsilio, I was unsure of what to expect after hearing about an annual ski trip to Mammoth Mountain. Knowing that this was not an Exsilio event and planned by a few employees, I automatically assumed that only a handful of coworkers would be attending. Regardless, my expectations were that this would be a great way to bond with some of my new workmates and showoff some killer snowboarding skills.

Issa Zabaneh
Creative Services
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM App is a maturity model infographic application, designed and developed by Exsilio for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team, enabling the Microsoft government sales team to evaluate the technology maturity with the customers. Maturity scores are assigned to specific organizational areas, reflecting the levels of sophistication currently in place versus the business importance and relevance, thus serving as conversation starters about the software tools supporting a customer’s business processes. The end result is a rendered intuitive infographic based presentation. Based on the maturity and importance chosen for each organizational area various recommendations and call-to-actions are raised to the customer. Elevating the level of relationship and conversation with the client and thus creating a higher valued business relationship.


Exsilio Jobs

Exsilio's success is grounded in the perfect balance of size and ability; we have the capacity to expertly handle many large enterprise accounts while still being able to move on a dime and change with our client's diverse needs. Our teams carry with them an arsenal of diverse, expert knowledge and fierce dedication to the success of our customers. We're committed to the idea of getting in the trenches with our customers and really understanding their business to achieve the best results. Working at Exsilio isn’t only about working on projects, we always look for opportunities to stay active in the industry whether it be participating in design competitions and hackathons or showcasing your talents in videos, podcasts or blog form. You’re a rockstar, let us give you a stage.


Are you looking for a fun and challenging opportunity like this? Send us your resume right now for one of our open positions:

  • MS SQL Specialist- Redmond and Irvine
  • Technical Architect- Redmond and Irvine
  • ASP.NET/.NET Developer- Redmond and Irvine
  • Digital Graphic Designer- Irvine
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